Sunday, March 10, 2013

Moving more forward than Julia Gillard

Sooo, after many years of using this blog, I think it's time to put it to a close with blogger.

I've spent much of last night just reading through stuff again...and really glad to look back on how things have been then, and how I've grown, matured and changed in many ways, mostly for the better.

Having not blogged in ages, and then looking back on things after 4 years, its something to be really thankful to God for how things have changed, as well as appreciative of all the memories in light of that - I'm moving over to wordpress For all intents and purposes, nothing will change much - I'm keeping this blog, and moving everything [including old posts and comments] to the new site. Let me know if theres anything that should be removed!.

So, to all that still read, see you on the other end!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Not much to say

Had a watch of this the other day....and its message all the more struck me today, especially the intro.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pollie want a cracker?

So....I've decided who to vote for this election. And I don't plan to back down on it.

Since I will have no part in the demise of this once great nation, my vote goes as thus:
house of reps:

Have a nice day =)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Poly-freaks- A rage rant

The light of the recent unbelievable WTH events reaffirms the statement I constantly repeat:
"If democracy actually made a difference, we wouldn't be allowed to vote."
To add to things, politics is nothing more than a game where law people verbally beat each other up, and get paid for it. Those that genuinely want to make a change will get dragged down by the weight of this pressure- Case in point: today.

I mean, at least make parliament like the Taiwanese govenerment, at least it shows that they're doing....i don't know, SOMETHING?!. Not to mention- at least it shows that they're passionate about what they're doing.

I liked Rudd, at least he did a few good things to this nation [in my view] + the fact he earns points for mando. Nevertheless, things come to pass, and thus out the old, in the new.
Whats to happen with Gillard? Don't know, don't care, time will tell.
Actually, screw this, come future elections, I'll be voting for shooters party.
Nah, I kid, seriously though: Bring in a glue stick, and a picture of pikachu [I choose you, pikachu!] and paste it on the voting slip.
Don't get my wrong, while cynical of politics, I will still obey laws, be a model citizen etc etc. politics just isn't my thing.

Ok, I think i've sufficiently calmed, politics is like the an alpha-1 receptor agonist phenylephrine: I'll get an elevated blood pressure just from being involved in it.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Taking a break from study- found this. Who said you can't use fingers for multiplication? [From smbc-comics]

Back to study!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

bawk bawk bawwwwwwwwwwwk

Hope to do something reflective on a more common basis.

Today was probably the first time I've ever come across the concept of being a christian and opposition at uni, it wasn't anything major, or physical...
Ethics tutorials have been interesting, especially given the topic of reproduction this was the topic of abortion- bit amazed to see how nearly everyone in the tutorial of 60 were pro-choice.
I came into this term being more or less pro-choice, but as we approach the end of it: After understanding how complex life has come to be, after coming to terms with how valuable a life is and what right we have to end the life of another- I personally believe that we shouldn't have abortion at all. I know that doesn't sound well with alot of people, and i understand your perspective of things; there are some things which would be hard to justify on my end. But don't get me wrong, I wouldn't force my ideas on you, nor would I judge you, its just what I think. Its just that I would probably NEVER bring myself to aborting a child, or carrying out euthanasia.

As for the tute today- all the discussion was on "rights of the individual" etc [which are all very valid points], but none ever contested the idea of the foetus life. Given the fact that the tutor was an atheist might've been my excuse, but I know I should've said something on behalf of all Christians.

But I couldn't bring myself to even put up my hand.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

To all people that have done HSC bio/ are doing bio right now

Long time no blog...shall do a proper one later-

This was shown in our med lecture today...I think this deserves a spot in hall of "the most epic ads" fame.